Arrived St Johns

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 17 Aug 2008 18:34
Noon Position: 47 33.7 N 052 42.5W

Alongside St Johns

Weather: Overcast, showers.

Day's Run: 87 miles

1409 nautical miles from Ilulissat and we are alongside St Johns once again. It took us 17 days, that's an average of 83 miles a day, not brilliant but all bar six hours of that was under sail, and this isn't trade wind sailing where you have constant steady wind one day after another. So in all I am pretty pleased with old Sylph. The sail to Greenland would have to be my most adventurous cruise to date. Next year I might try for something a little more leisurely. Maybe somewhere with a beach, I haven't kicked back on a beach in years. Still, the season isn't over yet, we still have about the same distance to sail to get back to Annapolis.

While I am here I will get to an internet café and post some photos. But my most important chore for the stay here, apart from downing a beer tonight, is to do some laundry. I've got the heater going, not that it is cold, rather to try and dry a bunch of clothes and towels out. It has been raining on and off over the past several days and things have gradually gotten damper and damper.

I expect we will stay here for about three days and then if the weather is not unfavorable we will get underway again, next stop Annapolis.

Bob Cat:

One of those rare strange aliens came on board today, but I wasn't flustered a bit. Skipper Bob has got the fire going, excellent, time for a groom and then a special extra nap.