Wet and Windy in Hobart

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 23 Nov 2018 11:15

Alongside Sullivans Cove Marina, Hobart
Wind: SE,  F4-6 moderate to strong breeze gusting near gale
Sea: slight
Weather: showers, cool

One of Hobart’s charms is that it provides berths in the heart of the city at Sullivans Cove Marina for free (right outside Constitution Dock that has been made famous by the post Sydney to Hobart race celebrations), which is pretty unusual. In fact, I don’t know of any other major city that has the same facility.  There is a catch, namely that one is only supposed to remain alongside for up to five hours, but you are generally allowed to remain overnight if you text MAST (Marine and Safety Tasmania), who manage the marina, the day before.  The opportunity to tie up alongside and have the City of Hobart on my doorstep was too good to pass up so on Monday I texted the number on MAST’s website to request permission to stay overnight on Tuesday. Permission was promptly granted and on Tuesday morning I slipped the mooring at Sandy Bay (thank you Alan), motored to the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania to top up with fuel, and then proceeded to the city.

Wednesday was drizzly and unpleasant, and I wanted to visit the Maritime Museum, so I asked permission to stay another night.  Granted.  Thursday was also wet and miserable, but I thought I would be pushing my luck asking for another night, so I stayed put and said nothing, working on the principle that if you don’t want to be told no, then don’t ask. Now, as most people who live in this part of the world know, yesterday and today have been a tad on the windy side.  What to do?  I had pored over the charts but there was nowhere nearby that looked appealing to wait out some wet and windy weather that didn’t also involve a long slog to windward to get to. Fortunately, Peter from MAST read my mind and put my worries to rest by texting me this morning and inviting me to remain alongside until the weather improves.  Thank you Peter, I am very grateful. He also advised me that MAST welcomes boats to stay longer than the limit as long as they communicate with them.  So, I have duly noted the advice and pass it on to anyone who might wish to sail to Hobart for a few days.

When the weather improves, likely Sunday or Monday, we shall perhaps go and explore some anchorages in the D’entracasteaux Channel.  Meanwhile, the time alongside has allowed me to progress quite a few maintenance chores down below.

All is well.