Slow Progress

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 20 Nov 2010 23:23

20.00 Position: 33 05.3 S 072 32.6 W
Course: 070 Speed: 2 knots
Wind Northwest F1-2 light air to slight breeze
Weather: sunny , warm
Days Run: 64 miles. Ave Speed 2.7 knots

The last 24 hours have been much slower than yesterday. Last night the breeze continued to fade but thus far with the long gentle swell the sails have slatted rarely and we have been able to make good on average a couple of knots. This afternoon I changed to the very old light weight headsail so it might better catch what little breeze there is and to save unnecessary wear and tear on the new genoa. We have just under 50 miles to go now, the wind is forecast to freshen a little overnight form the south so I remain confident that we will be back in Concon, Valparaiso by tomorrow evening.

The sea has been mirror smooth at times and I have been fascinated my an abundance of worm like creature that pass by. They are about two feet long, about a quarter inch thick, about a third of them are coloured orange at one end for several inches, most of them lie out straight but many swirl around like a coil. I tried to pick one up with a boat hook but was not surprised to find that they were too delicate to suffer such treatment, rather they simply break in two. I am sure I have done them no harm. I wonder what they are?

All is well.