Photos - Koniya Ko

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 12 Feb 2014 04:51
Approaching Amami at dawn:
m_Japan2 112
A nice sail inside the strait:
m_Japan2 123
Surrounded by steep hills:
m_Japan2 125
Sylph’s berth:
m_Japan2 139
Launching ramp:
m_Japan2 137
More sea walls:
m_Japan2 141
Interesting local architecture:
m_Japan2 143
m_Japan2 144
The east end of town:
m_Japan2 145
Just in case:
m_Japan2 146
Timber mill:
m_Japan2 147
Tree trunks stacked:
m_Japan2 148
Apartment blocks:
m_Japan2 149
The forlorn one:
m_Japan2 150
A small study in pipework:
m_Japan2 156
m_Japan2 157
(Well I found them interesting!  It took me a while to work out why they were configured in this complex fashion.)