Heading South

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 2 Dec 2012 03:51

Sunday 2 December 2012
1300 Position: 33 51.9 S 151 19.9 E
Course: South east Speed 4 knots
Wind: South F4 moderate breeze
Weather: overcast

We have had a busy time in Sydney, fitting a new engine, replacing the standing rigging and painting the mast and boom. I also managed to complete two online open university units in that time, not to mention getting myself once again far too involved in the politics of my sailing club. But now, I feel the need to shake the dust off and get Sylph to sea. To this end we are heading back down to Adelaide, with the aim of getting there in time to spend Christmas with my brothers and sister.

A southerly change came through last night. They always carry a bit of wind as the change comes through, so we stayed the night at RANSA then this morning, once I felt the wind had eased sufficiently, I started the bright red machine which has taken the place of the beast, cast off lines, and motored out of Rushcutters Bay, out into clear water where we set sail. It was an easy reach down the harbour to the Heads, but once past Hornby Light we had to come hard onto the wind, at least as hard as Sylph will go, and now we are bucking into the short sea heading off to the south-east, roughly in the direction of the southern tip of New Zealand. The wind is due to back more into the south east later this afternoon . If this happens I will throw in a tack and we will start heading back for Australia.

RC has spent most of the morning in the quarter berth. I think he has not gotten his sea legs yet. Hang on, as I write he is trying to negotiate the nav table. Easy does it, paw on this ring bolt here, squirm around the nav. instruments. Leap. Yay, he has just managed to jump down onto the settee berth.

All is well.