Back to Anchor - and Single Handing

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 6 Aug 2009 17:06
Position: At anchor off Durgerdam
Wind: East, light
Weather: Sunny, warm

This morning Thomas and I bade out quiet farewells, Thomas departing the ship to fly back to Annapolis and Sylph and I (and Bob Cat of course) departed the marina and went back to anchor, there to complete some domestic chores and minor maintenance. I am determined to have the navigation light working trouble free before setting to sea again as I really do not want to climb Sylph's gyrating mast anymore than absolutely necessary - Young Endeavour she is not. To this end I brought the fitting down from the masthead and had another go at making good the connections to the L.E.D. bulb. It is now remounted, hopefully this time it will last for more than a few days before requiring any attention again. Other jobs included the never ending laundry, a repair to the sea water pump (still in progress), clearing a blockage in the kerosene tank (very messy), and fixing a bad connection to the solar panels - yet again. After all that was done I went for a short swim -still a bit cool for me - but the water is fresh so it made for a much needed wash after getting quite a bit of kerosene over me.

As the day wore on Thomas's absence grew as a blank heaviness, it is funny how someone's presence over a period of time changes the spaces we live in. Not to worry, we will soon acclimatize to the single handing again which has its own rewards.

Tomorrow we will top up with fuel and make our way through the canals through Amsterdam and out to the sea - about 20 miles away.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

My nice new canvas bed is gone. It appeared with that nice young chap a few weeks ago. It was here on the V-berth this morning and now it is gone. It was so cool and comfortable, and a very nice shade of red. I saw that young fellow, Thomas I believe, trying to stuff some clothes into it, very strange. What has he done with it? I hope he isn't going too far with it, something else to add to the complaints list. Meantime I will just have to make do with the old arrangements . Zzzzzzzz.