The Cove

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 14 Apr 2015 22:59

Alongside Cordova Boat Harbor
Weather: Overcast, cool.

Over the last week or so I have the had the privilege of getting to know a group of young Cordovans who are living about a mile out of town in a place called Hippy Cove. With a name like that, it was of course established during the hippy era in the '60s, and has now stabilised at a small population of half a dozen people, living in their various small houses. I was invited out there last weekend and given a very interesting tour. In particular, I found the small hydro-electric power station fascinating. A small mountain stream drives a small turbine turning a generator that keeps a large bank of lead acid batteries charged up, which in turn run an inverter which provides a modest but useful amount of domestic AC power to one of the houses (the one in which Julia lives).

Other highlights were the sauna and the tree house. The sauna is in the traditional Swedish style, heated by a wood stove, with a small plunge pool immediately outside the door, kept full and fresh from another nearby stream. I can now personally verify that the sauna and pool are very invigorating. The bird house is a small dwelling constructed about a hundred feet up a tree. A rather precarious rope ladder provides the means of ascent and leads through a trap door in the apartment's floor, and a rope rigged through a large eye and leading down through another trap door provides the means of egress. Caleb led the way, Julia followed, and I, as an ex-tall ship sailor, of course felt that I had to accept the challenge, even though the climbing system was not quite up to the rigorous safety standards with which I am more familiar.

Yesterday Julia and I helped Caleb get his wood stove working. He lives in a house a little way back in the woods called the Bird House. The stove's flue was corroded out and smoked badly. Consequently the stove was not being used and Caleb's room was damp and uninhabitable. Instead, he had been living in a hammock under a tarpaulin rigged between some trees – not exactly the most comfortable of arrangements. I am pleased to say that by sunset we had managed to install a new flue, and today I learnt from Caleb that the stove had worked so well that he was able to sleep comfortably inside wearing only a pair of shorts - a pleasing result for a few hours work.

Meanwhile, the weather patterns still show no sign of allowing for a safe passage to Prince Rupert, so I expect we will be stuck here for another week at least.

All is well.



Hippy Cove:



Julia’s House:





Her front yard:




The Bird House:


Caleb leads the way:


At the top:


Julia heading down:



Bus House (not currently occupied):


Caleb’s now functioning fireplace:


And live entertainment (a talented group):