A Good Start

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 11 Mar 2021 22:51
Noon Position: 42 08.4 S 178 24.9 W
Course: NNE Speed: 6.5 knots
Wind: SE, F5 Sea: moderate Swell: SE 2 m
Weather: overcast, occasional drizzle, mild
Day’s run: 140 nm

The southerly breeze started to kick in at 1435 (so notes the log) such that we were able pole out the jib and run before it without the sails slatting. I was happy. Since then the wind has continued to fill, requiring one reef in the main at 1905 and a second at 2100. The wind also backed further into the east then I expected which, with Sylph running wing-on-wing, had her making more ground to the west than I desired. So, a little after midnight I stirred myself, climbed into my foul weather gear and went on deck in the steady drizzle to execute a gybe. (I can just imagine Annie Hill at this point gloating about the advantages of the junk rig.) Once done, I returned below and reshipped the storm boards to prevent the rain from getting below and then spent a fair bit of the night pondering where I might install a Perspex bubble so as to be able to maintain a reasonable lookout without having to climb out over storm boards in the middle of a wet and windy night. Two options spring to mind, but I might review those at another time.

With the fair fresh breeze we have made excellent progress over the past 2 hours, posting a day’s run of 140 miles. If the wind holds fresh and fair as it is forecast to do we might even do a little better over the next 24 hours.

My goal at this stage is to make for East Cape where we should arrive at around midday on Sunday. I am not sure where we will head for after that. We will see what the forecast tells us when we are back in VHF range off the coast. In the short term I want to catch up with Kate who is still in the Whangarei area so will likely head for there if the forecast is favourable.

All is well.