Slow Going

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 12 Aug 2008 17:43
Noon Position: 54 46.3 N 051 56.7 W

Course: South 3 knots

Wind: Southeast, gentle breeze

Weather: overcast

Daily run: 55 miles

The wind had to run out eventually, at three this morning it did. I handed the mainsail and jib and hoisted the drifter to ilk a few more miles out of the faint air that remained, but there wasn't even enough for that. When I came on deck a few hours later I found the drifter underneath the boat, the halyard had chafed through while I was sleeping and the whole lot had come tumbling down without me noticing. Fortunately no damage was done to the sail, a few minor marks from the bottom paint, but it's seen worse treatment than this over the years.

Early this afternoon sufficient wind arrived to allow me to set mainsail and jib once more. The going is slow but at least the current is with us.

Bob Cat:

All that infernal squeaking yesterday, it wasn't just one mouse, it sounded like a herd of them. I went down the back to check on our resident rodent but it wasn't him, even stranger noises were coming from back there; I could swear it sounded like a typewriter. Preposterous, no one uses typewriters anymore do they?

In the end I came to the unavoidable conclusion that the squeaks were coming from outside. Giant swimming mice, what a very strange world!