Winter in Cordova

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 5 Nov 2014 02:11

Alongside Cordova Small Boat Harbor
Weather: occasional showers, cool

After poring over weather charts, listening to forecasts, and talking to fellow sailors and the locals of Cordova, this morning I decided to commit to remaining in Cordova for the winter. I have come to the conclusion that the passage east and south of here at this time of year will be frustratingly difficult, and possibly quite dangerous, so, rather then wait anxiously for a weather window that might never materialise, we will settle here in Cordova until spring. I intend to use the time constructively by completing a couple of university units, which I have just now signed up for.

I expect the experience of spending the winter here in Cordova will be interesting in itself, also spring in the Sound is reported as being quite spectacular, with the return of life, particularly with the salmon runs, and all the other wildlife they attract.

All is well.