Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 16 Nov 2008 19:05
November 16, 2008

Noon Position: 35 23.2 N 060 06.4 W

Course: East Speed: 6 knots

Wind: South sou'east, Strong Breeze

Weather: Partly cloudy, warm

Day's Run: 127 miles

We are punching into a strong headwind, not quite on the nose but the sheets are hardened in, the mainsail is double reefed and the jib half furled. The seas are about six to eight feet and rolling in from the starboard bow. Old Sylph is bravely shouldering them aside, lee rail awash, seaweed garnishing the shrouds and stanchions, spray everywhere with the odd sea breaking heavily over the coach-house. Bob Cat sleeps. And I have been following his example for much of the last 18 hours, either wedged into a corner somewhere trying to read, or shoving BC to one side on the settee and making myself as comfortable as possible in a horizontal position. BC is very tolerant and shares the settee with me with barely a murmur. The galley is not being over-utilized just now, had one cup of coffee go everywhere, drip filter is perhaps not the most practical process when the kitchen is moving in three different directions at once.

Catching up the Higgins a little more as she had another day of calms today, a breeze from a slightly fairer direction would be helpful.

Bob Cat:


All is well.