Black Hollows, West Arm

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 22 Jan 2024 09:36

Position: 41 08.22 S 146 48.55 E
At anchor Dark Hollow, West Arm, Tamar River
Wind: S, F3
Sea: calm Swell: Nil
Weather: mostly sunny, mild
Day's Run: 4 nm

We weighed anchor at 1510 yesterday afternoon as the ebb tide was coming to an end and motored a few miles further into the Tamar River, entering the narrow entrance to West Arm, a short tributary of the river, then motored slowly among the shallows before dropping anchor in four meters of water in the tributary's first small cove, going by the romantic sounding name, Dark Hollow.

It looks like we will have at least another week to wait until we get some favourable weather for continuing across Bass Strait so the plan is to spend a few days here at anchor, doing a few maintenance chores and just relaxing. I caught up with some friends today, Wayne, an old sailing mate who now lives in Launceston, and Ken and Mercy, also one time cruising sailors, who are currently touring Tasmania in their four wheel drive.

On Thursday we will move to the Tamar River Yacht Club Marina, less than mile from here, for a few nights, to top up water, fuel and stores so as to be ready to depart the River as soon as the weather allows.

All is well.