Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 3 May 2013 08:08
Position: 37 51.57 S 144 57.90 E
At anchor off St Kilda
Wind: North F6-7 strong wind to near gale
Sea: slight Swell: nil
Weather: partly cloudy, cool

Here is a quick update. Last Wednesday evening we moved from Hobsons Bay to St Kilda to hide behind the breakwater due to the wind shifting to the south. Yesterday evening we had to move again because some nearby moorings were being maintained and we were in the way. Taking the advice of one of the men working on the moorings I anchored in close to the shore. It was a tight fit amongst the moorings so I did not allow too much scope on the anchor cable, consequently in at one this morning when the wind picked up we started dragging anchor, so I had to up anchor again.

We are still anchored off St Kilda Beach in behind the breakwater and now seem to have found a spot where the holding is good. Our position is less than ideal as we are still in amongst moorings, and not very far off the beach, but the anchor appears to have dug in well and, despite the strong gusty winds, we have not budged.

Tonight we are expecting a wind shift around midnight, so I will need to be on my toes for that, given the proximity of moorings, boats, and the shore.

All is well.