Bahia Cambaceres

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 7 Feb 2010 22:54
Position: 54 52.97 S 067 16.76 W
At anchor Bahia Cambaceres, Beagle Channel
Wind: Northwest F5 Fresh Breeze
Weather: Overcast, showers, cool

Today we made a relatively short hop of 25 miles between anchorages and I
suspect today is going to set the pattern for much of the transit through
the channels. I wanted to make the most of the flood tide so weighed at 8
a.m. Initially we had a little wind to sail with, two hours later it was
calm and we were motoring, for the next couple of hours we had a bit of
everything, winds from almost every direction and varying between calm and
fresh requiring a reef in the mainsail. At one point at the confluence of
several channels the currents and waves were extremely confused, the wind
was light and even motoring we seemed to be going nowhere. Meanwhile a
little bit inshore of us a motor-sailor was powering to windward making us
look like we were standing still, which at the time I suspect we were. A
little further on the wind picked up fresh from the west, it was on the nose
but at least it was consistent. And with a reef in the main and the jib
partially furled we made slow but steady progress up the channel. I haven't
done the sums yet but if this is going to be a typical days progress and
allowing for many days having tosit tight in the gales that area is renowned
for, I can see this section of the voyage is going to take a while.

After a frustrating day of variable winds and turbulent water for much of
it, I made up for it by enjoying the sail to anchor against the fresh
westerly into the small bay we are now in, dropping anchor at 3.15 p.m.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Sure is damp and cold around here. Tuna for dinner, hooray, small mercies.
Time for a , , , Zzzzzzzz.