Cracked the Ton

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 14 Jan 2011 18:34

Noon Position: 18 25.7 S 102 39.0 W
Course: 285 Speed: 5.5 Knots
Wind: East sou’ east F3-4 Gentle to Moderate breeze
Weather: Overcast, warm
Day’s Run (25 hours): 153 miles

Yesterday at 16.00 we crossed the 100th meridian of east longitude (did I get it right this time Jan?), in cricketing parlance, we cracked the ton (a century), which my brothers tell me no one in the Australian cricket side has done for quite a while, so perhaps a touchy subject. It seems Australian cricket is falling into another one of its well known slumps.

Retarded clocks another hour.

All is well.