Departed Great Barrier Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 17 Mar 2021 23:12
Noon Position: 35 58.8 S  174 50.9 E
Course: WNW  Speed: 6.5 knots
Wind: E, F5   Sea: moderate   Swell: NE 1 meter
Weather: sunny, warm
Day’s run: 28 nm

This morning the crew was shaken just as the sun was starting to glow over the horizon. A quick breakfast and we were aweigh and under way at 0725 in order to make the most of the daylight so as make Whangarei Harbour and to be at anchor, preferably in the Hatea River off Whangarei township, before dark. We were soon clear of the disturbed gusty air west of Great Barrier and into the clean fresh gradient breeze blowing some 18 knots out of the east, Sylph once again running before, wing-on-wing, with a single reef in the mainsail.

At our current rate of progress we should be entering the Whangarei Harbour around 1500. Unfortunately, our timing with respect to the tides is not ideal and once at the entrance we will be pushing an ebb stream; however, I am hopeful of making it to anchor by around 1800.

All is well.