Baie de Taiohae, Nuka Hiva

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 22 Feb 2011 03:09
Position: 08 54.84 S 140 05.92 W
At anchor Baie de Taiohae, Nuka Hiva
Wind: Light, variable
Weather: Partly cloudy, warm

This morning sailed from Baie Du Controleur at 9.40, eight tacks to the ocean, bore away to starboard, five miles later, gybed, and entered Baie fe Taiohae. On the way in we met Casse-Tete on her way out, “Hey, you owe me some beer money,” I thought. Tormenta was still at anchor so I sailed past her to find slightly shallower water, rounded up into the wind and dropped anchor at 13.15, once again feeling pleased with myself that we had manage the whole lot under sail alone. For this short sail I had left the dinghy in the water so once the mainsail cover was on and Sylph squared away I jumped in the dinghy and rowed across to Tormenta to say hello and make sure they were not about to abscond without repaying me. But of course I did not have to worry, Tormenta has settled her debts and apparently Casse-Tete will be back in about four days, she has gone to Ua Poa, about 20 miles away.

This afternoon I checked the post office for the package which I am waiting eagerly for courtesy of my sister, the most important item being two jars of vegemite. Thanks Jenny, but it hasn't arrived yet. Then found the dentist, he checked my broken tooth and as expected it needs a crown. The price he quoted for the work seems reasonable so I will get it started tomorrow. Apparently the whole procedure will require about ten days. The tooth isn't bothering me and the dentist said I could leave it for now but I figure I may as well get it over with.

Back on board I checked out the ether and found a free wifi – hooray! - hope to make a skype call to family later, the first in a quite a while, and have posted a few photos, will post some more tomorrow.

Now I am making a curry which I will shortly take over to Tormenta to share over a few beers.

All is well.