A Fishy Onsen

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 26 Mar 2014 10:22

Alongside Hirado
Weather: overcast, frequent rain

It has been a mostly rainy day today, so I progressed some study and did a few chores inside the boat, and this afternoon I went to the onsen at a nearby hotel. The highlight of this particular onsen is that it is below sea level and has glass windows that turn the ocean into an aquarium. Fish and humans can ogle each other in a state of natural grace, though perhaps not entirely natural, as the water behind the glass is lit by coloured lights, changing from green to purple to orange to red and so on. I must confess I also felt a little suspicious as to the naturalness of the scene behind the glass, given the number of large fish, and even a turtle, swimming close to the glass, completely nonplussed by the strange lights. I suspect it is more of an aquarium than a view into the ocean.  But perhaps the fish are used to the lights, and perhaps I have become a little cynical over the years. Regardless, it felt good to be clean and relaxed after along hot soak staring at fishes staring at me.

I am hoping that tomorrow the rain will clear and that I will be able to explore Hirado a little more extensively.

All is well.