Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 9 Jul 2011 18:44
Position: Slipway, Coffs Harbour
clear and cool

Friday we were hauled out at last. I am glad to say that the damage to the paintwork was only minor and is now all fixed. Closer inspection revealed that the damage was caused by my collision with the coral head back in Rangiroa; an expensive little mistake, as this is what ultimately caused the demise of my wind vane rudder as well. Still, it could always be worse, and hopefully we learn from our mistakes. If I can get hold of a new anode today then we will go back in the water on the afternoon tide, otherwise Monday.

The new wind vane rudder is nearing completion. It is all glued together, now just needs a final fairing, some fibre glassing and a coat of paint. I was hoping to have it finished so I could reassemble it while on the slipway, but unfortunately it will not be completed in time which means I shall either have to refit it from the dinghy or go for a swim, quite probably the latter – the water is not quite as warm as it was a few degrees north of here!

All is well.