Fishy Smell

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 12 Dec 2009 23:25

Alongside Piriapolis
Wind: Southwest F4 - moderate breeze
Weather: Overcast, mild

Last night dinner with my new friends was very informative as well as being very enjoyable, it was aboard SY Fernande owned by Pascal Grinberg, a 15 year veteran of the extreme south. Regrettably I was suffering from single-hander’s disease, after only 15 days of solitude and first night in I talked my head off. My hosts were very kind and tolerant. Nonetheless in between gasps for breath I learned quite a lot from Pascal. I shall be absorbing his comments for the next several days and bearing them in mind as I continue my research and planning for the coming months.

I visited Juan’s and Sarah’s boat today, a wonderful aluminium boat also set up extremely well for high latitude sailing. It is very interesting looking at the various boats down this way. I have a lot to learn. Juan and Sarah will be crewing for Pascal this Austral summer, their destination Antarctica. They will be leaving on the 15th. It is reassuring to know that Sylph, BC and I won’t be too far behind such an experienced sailor.

I pulled the damaged jib out of the bag this afternoon and spread it out on a nearby lawn for a closer inspection, how depressing. After such short service I am not quite but very close to writing it off. I am preparing a letter to the company that provided me with the sail, I will wait and see what response I get from them before I allow my anger further _expression_.

I reconnoitered Piriapolis today, in particular the hardware stores. There is quite a number of them so I have a feel for what work I can accomplish while I am here. Trying to resolve my computer issues, this Toshiba now seems to be behaving itself but as mentioned is a power hungry beast. I explored the option of an external keyboard for the new net book but the keyboards available here are missing a vital function key. At least I have pretty much confirmed it is a hardware problem. While my problems are frustrating the friendly helpfulness of the people here cannot but leave one with a positive feeling at the end of the day.

As I walked up the dock this morning I noticed a very strong fishy smell, looking around I soon discovered the source, a very large lion seal has taken up residence on the end of one of the piers. When I returned later in the day it was still there and providing a great deal of delight to the local children. Happy laughing children can cure anyone’s blues, even mine.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Quiet day. Lion seals smell like something I’d be tempted to eat, alas the scale is all wrong. What to do? I know . . . . Zzzzzz.