Weekly Progress Report 24 – Saloon Mock-Up

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 16 Aug 2020 06:44

Most of this week has been spent putting together the new saloon arrangement. At this stage it is little more than a mock-up made up of cheap ply and pine to make sure that it looks okay and that it will work ergonomically. The major change from the previous layout is the relocation of the diesel heater into the saloon from the alleyway. I originally installed the heater in the alleyway as there was nowhere else it could fit. The disadvantage of the heater in the alleyway was that it was not very efficient in heating the aft part of the boat and there was always the risk of burning yourself as one climbed in and out of the V-berth, something both Kate and I have done. Options for its relocation are limited but after much thought and much discussion Kate and I have come up with a plan. So far it seems to be coming together satisfactorily.

The other major change is replacing the port side stowage including the unused fridge with a bunk/settee so that the watch below can enjoy a more comfortable sleep when on the starboard tack (because on the starboard tack the boat heels over to port and tends to throw one out of the starboard bunk).

The basics of the mock-up are pretty much complete. Now it is time to start turning all this rough pine into a cosy home.

From bare hull:


To a roughed out mock-up:


We thought we had best get Oli’s input before making any final decisions:


All is well.