The Mechanic Arrives

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 4 Mar 2010 01:38

Alongside Ushuaia
Weather: Sunny and warm

A beautiful day today but I have spent most of it down below putting the engine back together. The Mechanic eventually turned up this morning with the head and gasket. It is all back together now, only just finished cleaning up and it is 10.30 p.m. Tomorrow the Mechanic will tighten the head bolts with a special torque wrench and adjust the valve clearances and then we should be ready to try starting the thing. Keep your fingers crossed, it is an old engine and anything might happen.

All is well

Bob Cat:

Another challenging day trying to find somewhere comfortable to pursue my work with the abode all in pieces and bits of grey cold smelly greasy things (not in the least resembling fish) everywhere. Nonetheless manage to get in a few solid . . . Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.