Cutting Off The Stern

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 26 Apr 2014 11:27

Alongside Fukuoka
mostly sunny, mild

The last couple of days I have been running around trying to organise the rental of a welder. Additionally, as the photos show, I have started cutting out the damaged section of the transom. This has gone pretty well and I am close to being ready to start rebuilding it. I have not yet found a satisfactory solution to acquiring a welder but buying one seems to be the most cost effective long term solution. I already have an arc welder that runs on 240 volts, but as the power supply in Japan is 100 volts, this is of no use. I reckon if I purchase a 110/110 volt unit I should then be able to do welding repairs to Sylph almost anywhere in the world.

The tentative delivery date for the new wind vane is 15 May, so this gives me plenty of time to repair the stern.  My interview for a US visa is on the 14th, and I have paid for a month a the marina which takes me up to the 22nd, so this all ties together quite nicely.

This evening I find that I am pretty tired.  I hope to have an early night so as to be well refreshed to make the most of tomorrow.

All is well.