Port Blanche - mission accomplished

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 19 Feb 2023 09:15
Position: At anchor Port Blanche
Wind: S, F2
Sea: calm  Swell: nil
Weather: sunny, hot

Today's mission has been accomplished. Fresh supplies have been purchased from the well-stocked local supermarkets and the laundry has been done at the local Shell service station while enjoying a cold drink in the air-conditioned comfort of the pub. And I've got a little extra water in, twenty litres to be precise, from the foot washing tap at the head of the jetty. I find if I keep topping up at every convenient opportunity it prevents Sylph's water supply from potentially becoming a serious problem.
Tomorrow I think I will just do a short sail out of Port Blanche and into Streaky Bay proper. There are some nice beaches on its eastern shore and maybe some shelter from the S'ly wind forecast for tomorrow evening behind either a small island, Eba Island, or behind a sandbar further north off the settlement of Haslam.
All is well.