Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 10 Jun 2012 04:29

Noon Position: 34 41.8 S 136 59.0 E
Course: WSW Speed: 4 knots
Wind: ENE F3, gentle breeze
Weather: sunny, cool
Day's run (16.00 – noon): 104 nm

We tacked back across the Gulf and by the time we had got to the other side, at about 8 pm, the wind had veered into the south east and freshened to force five. At the same time the tide turned, an ebb tide, speeding us on our way but also kicking up a short steep sea as it the stream was contrary to the wind. Sylph was cracking along but at the same time behaving like a bucking bronco as the pushed over the short seas. Not being in any hurry and preferring comfort to speed I decided to shorten sail and at 8.45 we were snugged down under a double reefed main and only a tiny bit of jib, the ride was much better and we were still making good six knots over the ground.

Overnight the wind veered a little further into the east nor' east and eased to muuch more pleasant force 3, about 10 knots. We carried the ebb tide until about 4 am so in all made we have made good time in the last 24 hours.

Now we are back under full sail with the sun shining in a clear cool sky.

Last night was Robinson Crusoe's first night with a little rough weather and I was very pleased with the way he handled it, no sea sickness, still managed to chow down and would appear to have had no difficulty using the cat-heads. He also tolerated my jumping in and out of the bunk every 20 minutes to look around. So I am pleased to announce that this morning I officially promoted RC from ordinary cat to ship's cat – SC Robinson Crusoe. Well done RC.

This afternoon I tested the sextant's new horizon mirror with a sun sight, came out to less than half a mile from our actual position that appears to be a success.

We are approaching West Cape and I have to decide whether to continue on past Kangaroo Island or drop in at Kingscote once more. There is another gale due Thursday and some strong winds between now and then. I could undoubtedly make it to Robe before the gale hits but I rather like Kingscote, and it is cheaper then Robe so I think I will hang out there a bit longer.

All is well.