Dropping Down

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 29 Dec 2015 20:21
Position: 34 10.6 N 119 30.9 W
Course: east sou' sast. Speed: 4 knots
Wind: south-east, F1 light air
Sea: slight. Swell: west, 1 meters
Weather: sunny, mild
Day's run: 134 nm

Strong winds overnight made for a great sail and a good run, though I was hoping for better.

This morning we turned east to pass Point Conception into the Santa Barbara Channel. Large brightly lit oil platforms marked the way, small dolphins greeted us with a splash and, as the sun rose, the wind faded to a very light south easterly. To the west the horizon was a violet band, and to the north the dark coastline sparkled, the sun's low rays reflected in numerous window panes. The sun rose higher, the horizon hardened, the coast resolved itself into drab browns and greys, and the sparkles went out, leaving a placid sea and a clear blue sky.

We motor.

All is well.