Tomorrow We Sail

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 27 Apr 2010 21:04
Alongside Punta Arenas
Weather: mostly sunny; wind west, light to moderate.
I was back on board yesterday afternoon ready to move so that the world's smallest cargo ship, not much bigger then Sylph, which we were alongside, could get underway.  But, not unusually, an hour or so went by and nothing happened.  I spoke with the sole crew member on board but he was one of those unflappable souls who, no matter what you said, simply smiled, nodded his head and replied, "Si, si."  All my efforts at charades were to no avail and in the end I went to the pub and had a couple of beers.  When I got back, now all the crew were there waiting for me and were ready to go.  They were all but ready to throw my lines off and let me drift to the winds, all in the friendliest and most jovial manner, and I had to protest somewhat before they at least left a bow line tied to the wharf.   After their departure a nearby tugboat invited Sylph to spend the night alongside which we gratefully accepted as being easier than trying to tie up to the wharf in the dark with a fresh breeze blowing.  This morning the tug boat engines were roaring, and we ended up moving alongside the wharf anyway, not that the tugboats have gotten underway yet, so not sure what the fuss was about.
The remainder of the day has been spent on a few last minute chores, namely laundry and a haircut.  I have paid the Armada a call and the bureaucracy has been sated. 
Tomorrow we sail.
All is well.
Bob Cat:
A very productive day today, now if I could just score some tuna, but there are still a few hours left in which I can add some more ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.