Feet Wet

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 4 Sep 2010 03:38

At last we are back in the water. We were supposed to go back in yesterday evening but a minor communication problem saw the travel lift team turn up an hour later than I expected just as I was about to eat dinner. By then the sun had set, the stars were out and my dinner guest, David, had arrived so we duly postponed the re-launch until this morning. This all went well, indeed even the engine started first go much to my surprise, almost shock, and 20 minutes later we were tied up again to the berth we had left six weeks ago, Sylph looking in much better shape, her new coat of paint glistening smooth in the cloud softened sunshine.


All is well.



Bob Cat:

Strange movements, strange sounds, when I strolled outside this morning for my little bask, the fairytale tower patrolled by snarling beasts below had morphed back to the moat surrounded castle - full of tuna I am sure. Speaking of which, my abode may now once more be floating in the great briny, but its denizens continue to fail to keep any appointment at my dinner table. How disappointing, they really must have no idea how welcome I would make them. And no heater, today or tonight, what is going on here, water in the system perhaps? Well there is no water in my system … zzzzzzzzzzzz