Back to the Big Smoke (literally)

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 6 Jul 2015 02:08

Position: 49 16.18 N 123 07.39 W
At anchor False Creek
Wind: North West, F4 Moderate Breeze
Weather: smoke haze, warm
Day's run: 35 nm

This morning I listened to the VHF channel that the marina operated on and from listening to the conversations it was quickly evident that the marina was full. With a fair wind forecast for the day Sylvia and I decided we may as well head back to False Creek as there was no good reason to stay in Nanaimo. We were aweigh by 9.30 and then I messed around a bit with the drfter in the very light winds but after taking an hour to make less than a mile and not in a particularly useful direction I gave up on the drifter and started the engine. With a bit of diesel power driving us we were soon clear of Nanaimo Harbour and out into the Strait of Georgia and a fresh breeze. We set all plain sail which had Sylph touching on seven knots.

Over the last few days we had spotted some smoke, presumably from forest fires in the east across the Strait, and now as we made our way across we found ourselves in a heavy grey-brown haze, the sun was a dull orange ball overhead, and the smell of smoke was strong in our nostrils. Sylph's were soon covered in specks of black ash.

Nonetheless, with the fresh breeze filling Sylph's sails we were crossed the Strait in a bit over four hours, once again weaving our way amongst the large bulk carrier ships at anchor in English Bay, then dropping sail and motoring into False Creek, where we dropped anchor pretty much in the same spot we had left eleven days ago. Sylvia and Calico will be staying on board tomorrow and Tuesday to complete a few domestic chores, and then on Wednesday I believe that RC and I will be returning to our solo lifestyle.

All is well.