Departed Adelaide

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 23 Mar 2023 06:56

Position: 34 54.00 S 137 47.95 E
Moored Oyster Bay, off Stansbury
Wind: SSE F4
Sea: slight Swell: negligible
Weather: mostly sunny, mild
Day's run: 35 nm

Yesterday evening I said farewell to some old friends and new over a few quiet drinks at the Squadron and this morning, at 0810, we left our berth, made for the fuel dock where we topped up our tanks then, once I had corralled Oli back on board, departed the basin and made our way out to sea.

Conditions were initially light but the sea was lumpy due to the ebbing tide racing out of the harbour entrance. Sylph bobbed and danced about as she pitched into the short seas but once we had motored a little way clear of the entrance the wind started to pick up and the seas to settle.

We started off close hauled on the port tack to make our way across the Gulf with Stansbury as our destination for the night. As the forenoon wore on the wind increased and at 1115 I put a reef in the main to make life a little more comfortable. Late in the afternoon the wind backed more into the south allowing us to crack the sheets and by the time we reached the South Spit beacon the wind had swung into the SSE allowing us to close reach into Oyster Bay. As usual I attempted to pick up the mooring under sail but I think the several days of sailing the small and highly manoeuvrable Elliot 7s has thrown my judgement somewhat as I overshot the buoy and had to come around again under motor to pick it up.

The weather patterns are remaining mostly in the SE for the next week or so though there might be a window on Sunday where the wind shifts into the ENE for about 24 hours before returning to the SE. I will be watching the forecasts closely to see if the NE'lies eventuate. If they do I might try to break out of Backstairs Passage and make for Robe.

All is well.