At Sea Again - and Drifting.

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 24 Jul 2008 21:35
Position: At sea (just), a little west of Evighedsfjord
Wind: Calm
Weather: clear sky, sunshine

At last we are away from Evighedsfjord, as we motored the last few miles
into the open sea again, I turned around, waved to the fjord behind us and
said, "I won't be back!" On the chart I have drawn a brick wall several
rows deep across the entrance to the fjord, a minor expression of some of my
frustration over the last few days.
Once outside there wasn't much wind either, hopefully I hauled the sails up
but an hour later had to admit defeat, it was glassy calm and the sails were
slatting in the slight swell. Down they came and I invested an hour or so
of zeds in the sleep bank, hoping later tonight I will have need of them
tending the sails in the nice fresh breeze that will soon be here. There
are few ripples starting to disturb the water's surface, the flag is
standing but with hardly a flutter, so we will wait a little while yet
before raising sail again. Some wind will come, it is just a matter of

Bob Cat:

I heard from a rodent hanging about down the back of this boat that there is
a battery operated sleeping cat in the front window of The Annapolis
Bookstore. I can't believe it! Here I am roped into some crazy scheme to
save the planet when there is the perfect job for me back in a used
bookstore. I don't even need batteries! A battery operated sleeping cat,
what next?
This sounds like my perfect niche in life. I don't care what obstacles are
put in my way, I have the goal ahead of me now. I must get into shape for
when we get back to Annapolis. Quick, not a moment to lose, into intensive
training; where is that settee, where is the blanket?
Skipper Bob, turn this thing around right away.