Baked a Cake.

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 10 Aug 2008 16:19
Noon Position: 57 48.9 N 053 59.7 W
Course: South Speed: 6.5 knots
Wind: East northeast, fresh breeze
Weather: sunshine, partly cloudy
Daily run: 154 miles

A better day's run than I anticipated, very pleasing indeed. Looking at the
weather charts it looks like the north side of a high pressure system
clocking through is giving these nice winds. They have been backing
steadily for the last few days and will continue to do so as the high passes
through, by tomorrow I expect we will have head winds. Already the wind is
slightly forward of the beam which has led me to reducing sail. We are now
well south of Kap Farvel, out of the Davis Strait and into the Labrador
Basin. In fact I think we may even be starting to get a bit of an assist
from the Labrador Current, though I do not want to get too far into it for
fear of picking up iceberg trails again.
The highlight of my day yesterday was baking a cake, I wasn't sure how it
was going to turn out as the instructions were in Danish and Innuit, but it
actually turned out very edible, in fact it is now all gone. Well it was
only a small tea loaf after all.
Waves are starting to break over the boat which has me anxiously looking
overhead for any drips that might threaten the keyboard. It sure is nice to
have a dry boat. I recall some of Bill Tilman's stories with his old wooden
English pilot cutters where the crew had to pin tarps above their bunks to
keep a little dry from all the water that virtually rained about them. No
thank you! And he used to wonder why some of his crew would question the
seaworthiness of his boats.
So I wonder if the affairs of world and men have taken any leaps over the
last few days. Do the Chinese Olympics start soon; see if they can better
the best games ever? I might try tuning into the BBC later.

Bob Cat: