Another Day in the Bilge

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 26 Jul 2010 23:28

A drizzly sort of day today so after reluctantly dragging my weary bones and aching joints out of the bunk this morning I eventually opened up the floorboards and once again spent a fair part of the day head down, tail up in the bilge, this time with a respirator on while I painted. I am not very happy with the job as I doubt whether the paint will hold for more than six months but it is better than nothing. To do it properly I need to pull the engine out which I hope to do after I get back to Australia.

Then I had a go at loosening the steering chain links. Some of them I had to take a hammer to and they are still tight. I think it best that I try to replace the chain and will look for a supplier over the next few days.

My hands look disgusting!

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Now the place smells like a chemical plant, quite powerful near my food bowl. The skipper is probably trying to disguise the odour of my food, well it isn’t working, it remains barely palatable. As for the skipper looking disgusting, I will refrain from stating the obvious.  Once again the V-berth has been pulled apart, but at least the smell is not too strong this far forward, so no problem with … zzzzzzzzzzzzz.