Slowly going slow

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 14 Sep 2013 09:16
1600 Position: 20 05.1 S 148 36. 5 E
Course: North nor’ west Speed: 2 knots
Wind North east F2 light air
Sea: calm, Swell: negligible
Weather: clear, warm
Day’s run: 12 Nm

Last night there was not a puff of wind so I am glad I decided to go to anchor. This morning I woke up to an absolute flat calm as well so there was certainly no rush to get moving. Eventually a hint of a breeze got the ensign to raise itself beyond a half hearted limpness. I strolled forward to start raising the anchor and, it now being the bottom of the tide, was a little surprised to see how closely I had anchored Sylph to the reef edge. There were several bombies only about twenty meters away. Not to worry, what wind we did have was blowing us off. Just to be safe however, I did not follow my usual routine of setting the mainsail before breaking the anchor free for fear that Sylph would develop some forward way and drive onto one of the coral heads. Rather, I weighed anchor, allowed Sylph to blow away from the reef, then set the headsail to get us moving on a beam reach, and, once I was confident we were clear and had steerage way, I then raised the mainsail.

Since clearing Grassy Island progress has been slow. The wind has remained very light all day, and I suspect it will die out again this evening. Hmm, Saddleback Island isn’t very far away. Our speed has dropped to less than a knot. I think it is time to flash up the engine and motor over to some shallow water, there to spend the night.

All is well.