A Good Start

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 27 Nov 2009 16:06
Position: 15 37.0 S 038 13.5 W
Course: South. Speed: 4..5 knots
Wind: East; F3 - gentle breeze
Weather: Partly cloudy, warm
Day's Run: 157 nm

We have gotten off to a very pleasing start for our passage to Montevideo. We worked our way off the coast overnight for a variety of reasons, first to get away from inshore traffic and navigational hazards, this latter being rather important as I have only very small scale charts of the Brazilian coast, second to clear the shipping lanes and third to take advantage of the Brazil Current which I am pleased to say must have added about 25 miles to the day's run. The weather is glorious, just a bit warm, but things will get colder soon enough. Last night we had a beautiful half moon lighting the night sky and when that set early in the morning the stars shone brilliantly, and it was peaceful and quiet, no discos blaring into the night air at ungodly decibels. I stared in wonder at the Magellanic Clouds, two of our nearby galaxies making up part of the Milky Way. The ancient Egyptians believed the Milky Way was the heavenly extension of the Nile, a river of stars.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

There he goes again, I think the boy has too much time o his hands. Though I have to admit I agree with the skipper, it is nice to be at sea again, peace and quiet, gentle rolling, nice breeze flowing through the hatch, sun shining, a few extra pats and some grooming, all very conducive to a good day's work . . . Zzzzzzzz.