Black Point Cruise

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 30 Sep 2022 08:52
Position: 34 46.37 S 137 51.64 E
Moored Port Vincent
Wind S F4
Sea: slight Swell: negligible
Weather: mostly sunny, mild
Day's Run: 30 nm

This weekend the RSAYS Cruising Fraternity (a rather loose and casual group) have a cruise across the Gulf to Black Point. With not a lot else on I thought I would join them. The winds are forecast to be light on Saturday and Sunday, but today the forecast was for a moderate southerly breeze, ideal for reaching across the Gulf. So this morning I stowed the dinghy on deck, purchased a few stores from the supermarket, and then got Sylph underway just before midday.
We have enjoyed a brisk close reach across the Gulf to Port Vincent with two other yachts in loose company, both of which have gone into the marina here. We, on the other hand, have picked up a Squadron mooring (I can't see the point of paying $40 for a night alongside when a solid mooring is available).
We rounded the Middle Spit beacon at 1705, then tightened sheets to make for the mooring. One was already taken by a Squadron boat, the catamaran Antares. I am glad the other two boats decided to proceed to the marina because that left one mooring spare for Sylph. I tried to sail to the mooring, rounding up into the wind and dropping the main as we did so, but I fluffed it and overshot the buoy. No big deal, I had the motor running and it was a simple matter to go around again and pick up the mooring rope while under power (it's nice to have the BRM operational again).
Black Point is about ten miles north of here but the cruising gathering is not until Sunday, so my plan is to go ashore here tomorrow morning for a look around, then sail to Black Point in the afternoon so that we can be ready to join the socialising on Sunday.
One silly thing I did as we were leaving the harbour was to come up on deck while Sylph was motoring with the tiller pilot connected and walk smack bang into the end of the tiller with my forehead. I had a hat on and did not see it and, having been alongside for far too long with the tiller stowed out of the way, it would seem that I have gotten into some bad habits. Fortunately no serious harm has been done to my noggin, and pain is a very effective means of reinforcing one's memory in very short order, so hopefully I will not do it again, ever.
All is well.