All is Calm

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 3 Jun 2014 03:43
Position: 38 25.3 N 137 07.6 E
Course: Drifting
Wind: F0, Calm
Weather: light alto-stratus, warm
Day's Run: 64 nm

Despite the light winds and slow progress, the last 24 hours have proven to be very pleasant. The seas have been flat but there has mostly been enough wind to keep Sylph moving in roughly the right direction at three to four knots. But now – there is no wind at all and we lie mast bare, rolling gently on an undulating blue-grey slab of ocean, with just a few ripples here and there hinting at a breeze too soft even to be felt.

The forecast is for conditions to remain calm for the next couple of days at least. I will perhaps motor for a few hours later, in the cool of the evening, to at least make a few miles for the day. But for now I will break out ye olde faithful hand cranked Singer, and at last attempt to fix the damaged spray cloth.

All is well.