Windy Wedge

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 8 Jan 2012 03:33

Position: 35 08.85 S 136 28.23 E
At anchor Wedge Island
Wind: West, F6 Strong Breeze
Weather: Overcast, mild

As predicted the wind picked up a short while after I signed off yesterday, the grey clouds rolled over and heavy rain drops spattered on the deck. The rain squall did not last long and as I had already put a reef in the mainsail and rolled some of the jib up in anticipation of the darkening horizon we encountered no anxious moments, Sylph simply leaned to the wind, picked up her skirts and took off to the south-east towards Wedge Island. When the squall had passed I even took the opportunity to have bucket shower courtesy of the rain water that had collected in the folds of the reefed mainsail; cold but refreshing. As we closed Wedge Island we were able to ease sheets a little which made the ride smoother, at a little after 6pm we were passing through the strait between Wedge Island and its neighbour, North Islet, and just before 7 we came up close by Starwave, who was already swinging snugly to her cable, I furled the jib, rounded Sylph up into the wind, urged her to hold her way until she was over the patch of sandy bottom I had spotted, which she dutifully did and, as her forefoot edged over the patch, I released the halyard, the mainsail fluttered down, and then the anchor was sent rattling over the bow. A very satisfying day's sail.

Our plan was to continue on to Althorpe Island today but this morning's forecast is for continuing strong winds and seeing as we are nice and secure here Mark and I have decided to remain at Wedge until tomorrow when hopefully the wind will have eased.

All is well.

PS My apologies to Starwave, for some reason I have been calling her Starfire.