Wet and Windless

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 1 Jul 2009 13:31
Position:: At anchor Crookhaven
Wind: East, very light
Weather: overcast and drizzly

Enjoyed a few Guinnesses with a Scottish single hander, Mike, yesterday, very nice to have some company. Mike is a retired merchant engineer so we had quite a bit to talk about, comparing our professional lives and our current single handing life styles. In the course of the evening the locals revealed that Murphys is the preferred stout around here, so I dutifully switched. Must confess I found it hard to taste much difference, clearly I am uncultivated in this department.

Today is wet and windless, so spent the morning changing the engine oil and filter, yesterday's maintenance chore was changing the little genset's oil, all 0.25 litres of it - love this little machine so got to look after it.

Looking at the weather map tomorrow might bring a bit more wind, next stop . not sure, I'd say either Baltimore or Cork, will probably let the weather decide.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

What a life! It's a bit damp out so today's special sleeping nook is under the dodger - panoramic views all round, open to a plethora of shore smells and sounds and the fresh smell of moistness in the air, but warm, dry and cosy where I am lodged. Here I can watch the world pass by, or not .. Zzzzzzzz.

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