Drifting Along

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 10 Nov 2008 23:34
November 10, 2008

Noon Position: 38 05.1 N 076 06.3 W

Course: Drifting

Weather: Clear skies, cool.

Day's Run: 113 miles

We have made it to the entrance of Chesapeake Bay having sailed overnight in a fresh nor'west breeze, now we barely have enough wind to fill the drifter and are struggling to work our way clear of the shipping lanes, and in fact the tide is pushing us backwards right now.

It has been a very difficult decision to try to complete my circumnavigation, saying goodbye for who knows how long to the very best of friends and more was impossible, but I need to give this a go and at least be able to say I gave it my very best shot.

Bob Cat:

I've been shanghaied! I actually got as far as inspecting the bookstore a few days ago, had a real good look around and very promising it looked indeed. I thought, yes I must have the job, then yesterday my abode started to make the noise and motions of another sea journey. Why wasn't I consulted about this. Where are we going this time I wonder. The food has improved marginally, now it seems I have some sloppy stuff in addition to the hard tack, somewhat more edible but hardly caviar. Oh well, life could always be worse and as ever I have my work to console me.