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Bob Williams
Mon 18 Feb 2013 14:24
At anchor,off Strahan
Weather:  sunny, warm
Today I gave the BRM its first service after 25 hours of running time, which involved replacing the gearbox oil and checking bolts and belts.  It looks good so far.  I have also booked in for my West Coast Wilderness Railway trip for Wednesday, the first touristy thing I have done in years. I am looking forward to it.
This evening I fell asleep on my settee while listening to the ABC on the radio and woke up to to a very interesting interview with Sue Gardner, the Chief Executive of  Wikimedia.  I learnt a lot about Wikimedia including that the goal of Wikipedia is to make the sum total of all human knowledge available to all people in all languages.  Ms Gardner recognised that they will never realise that goal, but I respect that.  I find it interesting that many organisations set themselves goals for failure, such as road safety authorities for instance, giving themselves goals of reducing the number of road accident to a certain number, which to me is just silly, when their ultimate goal should be zero accidents.  I just want to say how great both the ABC and Wikimedia are.  I am quite pleased that I had made a small donation to Wikimedia quite recently.
All is well.