Weekly Progress Report 19

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 12 Jul 2020 05:22

This week’s big achievement has been to have the engine aligned and bolted down. That was completed on Saturday. And now I am even more impatient to get Sylph back in the water so we can conduct engine trials and see how much quieter and smoother the BRM runs (I hope).

Meanwhile, I have been slowly reinstalling other systems. The starboard water tank is back in and almost connected. Both battery banks are back in place and Sylph now has power to most of her electrical systems. The remainder will be done when the port side is refurbished.

This coming week we expect to realise another milestone when we move Sylph over to ‘Rudolphs’ next door. This is scheduled for Tuesday. Here she will have her bottom blasted and repainted. With a little luck, I expect things should start coming together pretty rapidly from here (as long as the blasting does not reveal any nasty surprises – fingers crossed).

The engine connected to the drive shaft – all lined up:


All is well.