Green Cape

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 29 Oct 2018 17:31

0400 Position: 37 12.7 S  150 11.6 E
Course: SSW Speed: 7.5 knots
Wind: N   F4 - moderate breeze
Sea: slight  Swell: SE / 1.5m
Weather: partly cloudy, half moon, mild

The northerly wind has arrived as forecast after a short period of frustrating light winds in a short steep swell, but now Sylph is happy, once more running wing-on-wing, sails bellying to the breeze.  We are making good time, currently abeam Green Cape and in a few hours will be heading across Bass Strait.  I expect to be out of mobile phone range for the next couple of days and have not bothered to purchase minutes for the satphone for this relatively short trip (expensive these days). So if you  do not see a post for the next couple of days please, do not be concerned. Sylph’ll be back.

All is well.