Windvane Fitted

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 21 May 2014 10:57

Alongside Fukuoka
Weather: sunny, mild

Japan does not have daylight saving and so sunrise is getting to be pretty early. This morning it was at 5.14. The rain had stopped and with daylight streaming in through the windows I was up a short while later, keen to get stuck into fitting the new windvane. Apart from dropping a spanner and a socket over the side I encountered few problems and the it was all fitted and ready for sea by eight o'clock.

I spent the remainder of the day putting Sylph's name on the transom and doing some cleaning up. The name leaves a lot to be desired as I cut the letters out of some contact paper and stuck them on. They are pretty basic and with the transom bobbing up and down it was not easy to get them lined up, in fact the name looks a little drunk.  I decided to leave the port of registry off for the time being as this would be even more fiddly, and given the trouble I had with “SYLPH VI” I reckon I will leave well enough alone.  I will come back to this job and do properly at another time, probably at the next haul out.

I have yet to tackle the spray cloth repairs but we are actually ahead of the schedule that I drew up on Saturday, so we are looking good to depart Fukuoka on Saturday.

All is well.


The new windvane bolted on and ready to go:





The name, looking a little drunk: