A Man Named Helmet

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 4 Apr 2011 05:33
At anchor off Reporepo Island, Rangiroa Atoll
Wind: East, F3 gentle breeze
Weather: sunny, warm

Yesterday I made the acquaintance of Keld, a Danish sailor on the boat “Freedom”, the boat I initially anchored a little too close to, currently alone but not a single hander. He is waiting for his wife to arrive in a few days time. In the meantime, fortunately for me, he was starved of a bit of company so we have shared a good chin wag together last night and this afternoon. He has been here a couple of weeks so I was able to learn a lot about the lay of the land hereabouts. On the down side he has run out of beer and I had none on board. In the way of a short term solution last night we caught a taxi into a local restaurant where we had pizza and beer, not exactly authentic Polynesian cuisine but a very nice change, especially with a good discussion about many things, including once again global warming. I must confess I am amazed at the number of so called global warming sceptics I continue to encounter. I figure it must be a fashionable craze or some such thing. And typically, I found once again with perseverance and patience, working through the issue logically, that our respective positions aren't very far apart after all.

Keld is a retired airline pilot, who I found out last night when a Tina Turner song was played at the restaurant, had the distinction of being her 'body guard' many years ago after a performance when Ike had beaten her up very badly. He was living at a hotel where she was staying and the manager asked him to take care of her at an undisclosed location where she could recover while they got Ike and Tina separated - permanently. So that is my bit of paparazzi gossip for the month.

Amongst many interesting topics we also covered the Vikings. I learnt that the name Keld means helmet in Irish, this led to the obvious question why does a Danish man have an Irish name, but it seems Keld was originally a Viking word that made its way to Ireland during that rather aggressive and barbarous period in Viking history. Keld by the way has thus far proven neither aggressive or barbarous.

As the row ashore is a long pull against a fresh breeze this morning I got the little 2 horse power outboard out of the cockpit locker where it has remained untouched for over a year I think. Given its lengthy time in storage I pulled the carburettor apart and cleaned it and also pulled the prop off and the gear drive on the bottom of the leg apart, as I reckon this has been lubricated with nothing but sea water for the last several years. Sure enough when I opened it up only a few drops of black water dripped out. I think the shaft seal leaks, which for now I have packed with a bit of grease and poured some more gear box oil into. Once all back together I mounted the outboard on the dinghy and I am pleased to say it is running fine – for now.

I have splashed out and bought a small amount of internet time so will post some photos later.

All is well.