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Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 6 Dec 2015 03:00

Position: 37 52.07 N 122 26.20 W
Angel Island
Wind: North west, F3 light breeze
Weather: mostly overcast, cool
Days run: 10 nm

Guest post (Kate)

Mackerel sky and the promise of enough breeze to sail perhaps? A short row to Harald's boat Fram, for a cup of tea. His vessel is testament to the man who made her. Solid, neat, generous and welcoming. Steel below and framed with ply above, seamless. With timber, he estimates, three tries to get it right. With metal, as a boiler-maker, inventions may take two. The engine, not a friend, will be buried once.  Another in its place soon. An Australian in many ways but a blue-eyed Nord, a gentleman, well met. Fortified, by tea, sail up and away. Some other sails up, Saturday. The sail around Angel Island, takes some time, some wondering at other vessels, birds, a couple of dark, sleek porpoise types in the churned up meeting of current. Cooler, temp drop and wind chill, makes for remembering it is winter, the last few days mild. Angel Island is a State Park with Garrison history, Immigration Station north, Camp Reynolds, west, Fort McDowell, east and Ayala Cove Visitor centre and Ferry stop. Day mooring only at marina, fore and aft mooring for overnight. We go ashore at late afternoon and decide to head for the top, Mt Livermore. Views along the way of Sylph, by herself, smaller as we go higher, a bit of a challenge to the top. The views all around are worth the hike and straight back down, to beat the dark. Lights of the city area, the overview of the bay and surrounds make some degree of sense of the area, a day well spent.

All is well