Birthday Party

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 9 Dec 2017 10:22

Position: 37 51.57 S 144 54.45 E
Alongside Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
Wind: calm
Sea: calm; Swell: nil
Weather: clear, mild

I have fallen behind a little here, missing yesterday’s post but I reckon I have a pretty good excuse as on our arrival alongside the RYCV I had urgent business to attend to, namely making my way to my brother’s place to celebrate the occasion of a young lady reaching eight years of age.

This morning, feeling wearier than sailing across ten oceans, I returned to Sylph by train carrying a marine toilet in a box, purchased second hand online some months ago, which Mark had kindly collected and held for me. This afternoon I ripped out the old toilet, deposited it in a dumpster, and cleaned up the head in preparation for installing the new one. Then, a bit of hike to a laundromat. And now, a cup of tea and an early night for tomorrow the official birthday party is on. I will need my strength.

All is well.