Still Here (Tasiussaq)

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 23 Jul 2008 21:43
Position: at anchor Tasiussaq, Evighedsfjord
Wind: North, moderate breeze
Weather: clear, sunshine
Day's run: 0 miles

We are still here at anchor at Tasiussaq about five miles from the entrance
to Evighedsfjord. I checked the weather map last night and realized we
weren't forecast to get southerlies until tomorrow. Also when I woke up I
felt in no hurry to go anywhere, and despite Bob Cat's remonstrations I
rolled over and got a few more hours sleep. I think the last few days have
caught up on my weary body. It wasn't until late, I won't even admit how
late, that I eventually crawled out of my bunk and fixed myself some, by
now, lunch. Sticking my head out the companion way sure enough the wind was
fresh from the north, and since that was the direction in which we wanted to
go, I felt my sleep in (if anyone needs an explanation of this
internationally recognised English expression, with the exception of the US,
please contact the Annapolis Bookstore and ask for Mary Adams who I am sure
will gladly explain what it means) was not in fact a waste of time.
Subsequently I have done a few chores this afternoon including giving myself
a good scrub. After updating the blog I will get a weather update, secure
the boat for sea and basically get going when I feel like it.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Interesting, it seems skipper Bob is catching on to my life philosophy
pretty quickly for a human, though he is very thick when it comes to
understanding my culinary requirements, but maybe, just maybe, there is hope