Grand Banks

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 28 Jul 2007 18:50

Noon Position:  46 33.5 N  053 32.7 W

Course: 140, Speed: 2.5 knots

Wind: East-southeast 8 knots

Daily Run:  103 miles

Average speed: 4.3 knots


As I look back over the log for the last 24 hours I am a little surprised to realise that we have made as many miles as we have, light head winds having persisted for much of the period.  We made nice steady progress overnight but as we approached Cape Pine this morning the winds shifted further into the east and eased, and the fog came back.  Right now we are struggling to get around the Cape in the light airs, and Paul is having to steer because the wind is too light for the wind vane to keep Sylph on course.  Just around the corner and to the south of us, as we commence our run north to St Johns, are the famous Grand Banks of Newfoundland; the pilot tells me one of the foggiest places on earth – more fog!  We have just 95 miles to go to St Johns Harbour and a favourable wind is forecast for this afternoon so if all goes well we should be arriving in St Johns sometime tomorrow.  Here we are looking forward to at least a couple of days break before the next step.  Unfortunately due to our late departure from Annapolis and the light winds we have encountered for much of the way, we are rather late into the season to be heading for Greenland so I shall be assessing the feasibility of continuing to pursue this goal once we arrive in St Johns, noting that our primary objective was always to see an iceberg, not necessarily to get to Greenland, we shall see.

This is day 16 since leaving Annapolis and thus far have sailed 1,304 miles.