Bowsprit Trial

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 24 Dec 2022 07:50
Alongside RSAYS Marina
Weather: mostly sunny and warm

The bowsprit has been varnished, painted and fitted, and the Dyneema forestay and bobstay rigged. The old genoa has had some soft hanks sewn to the luff. All was ready for a sea trial. Thus, on Saturday last, after far too long alongside, we threw off the dock lines and proceeded to sea to try the new forestay out.
We sailed from Outer Harbor and, once clear of the breakwaters, headed south along the coast into a light SE'ly breeze, setting the old genoa to fill nicely close hauled on the port tack. A short while later the wind started to pick up. The bowsprit and outer forestay I have only designed for light airs so with the freshening breeze I chose to be cautious, handed the genoa and in its place unrolled the jib while we continued south looking for a suitable anchorage for the night. As the day wore on we were overtaken by our friends on Brindabella just as we were approaching Onkapringa Head which afforded a little shelter from south. A couple of tacks brought us in its lee and at 1735 we rounded up into the wind, handed sail, and dropped the anchor in 4.5 meters of water.
The anchorage was a little rolly but later, as the wind backed further into the east, the slight sea rounding the headland died off and we enjoyed a comfortable night.
Sunday dawned with a moderate breeze still blowing off the shore.  We were in no hurry to get back to the port, so I enjoyed a relaxing start to the day. After breakfast I went for a swim and took the opportunity to scrub the fine green algae off the waterline. Once that was done I got the anchor up and we sailed back north along the coast. The wind eased as the afternoon wore on and we partly motored and partly sailed our way back, once again getting the opportunity of testing the new synthetic outer forestay and soft-hanked genoa. I am pleased to say the new configuration worked well and I am looking forward to getting the Code Zero in the new year which should add some extra horsepower when the wind falls light.
We got back to the Squadron Marina at 1805.
During the week I have progressed a few odd maintenance jobs and am looking forward to Christmas Day (tomorrow) with family.
All is well.
The new bowsprit
The old genoa with soft-hanks
Looking up the new outer forestay
soft-hank close up
A bit of company